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FreeType 2 Screenshots


This page contains several screen shots showing FreeType 2 at work.

The FontForge font editor uses FreeType 2 to render anti-aliased text. It also uses FreeType's debugger to track the working of bytecode.

Recent versions of the Qt library support the XRender extension that uses FreeType 2 to generate anti-aliased text. The screenshot of a KDE desktop demonstrates it.

FontForge screenshot KDE screenshot

The AtheOS operating system used FreeType 2 in its GUI to display anti-aliased text. Sadly, its development discontinued.

GtkFB, the frame-buffer port of the GTK library uses FreeType 2 too. (note that Gnome 2.0 also provides anti-aliased fonts under X through the XRender extension).

AtheOS screenshot AtheOS screenshot

Last update: 23-Oct-2006